FunLine AM/FM Disc Antenna

CODE: FunLine AM/FM Discs Antenna

AM/FM adhesive disc aerial for fixing to the inside of a vehicle window.Built-in amplifier improves signal strength for AM/FM radio reception.Blue... More

Bosch autoflex roof mount aerial

CODE: Bosch autoflex roof

Bosch amplified roof mount aerial (requires a 12v supply)

Bosch autoflex wing mount aerial

CODE: 7 617 495 224

Bosch amplified wing mount aerial (requires a 12v supply)

Shark line A-RD T 01-M DAB/AM/FM

CODE: Shark line A-RD T 01-M

Shark line multi function antenna for DAB/AM/FM Reception. Removable whip for cleaning and theft protection. Reception Design: Shark-antenna Operating... More

Shark-Line A-RNT T01-M - AM/FM/GPS/DVB-T

CODE: 7 617 495 158

Nav-/TV Shark Multifunction Antenna A-RNT T01-M - AM/FM/GPS/DVB-T Services: DVB-T and Analog TV GPS AM/FM Installation place:... More